Monday, July 9, 2007

Garden Agreement for Page Street Garden

Page Street Community Garden Agreement

1. Plot Assignment: Plots will be assigned by the Garden Coordinator, on a first come, first serve basis to individuals and families living in the Hayes Valley neighborhood. No more than one plot may be assigned to an individual or household.

2. Conduct and Garden Maintenance: Gardeners shall respect our garden, fellow gardeners, and neighbors. Gardeners agree to: respect the peace and quiet of the surrounding neighborhood; are responsible for keeping their plots and the paths surrounding their plots clean and free of weeds; may not in any way tend, plant, water, pick from or weed other plots without the explicit permission from the Garden Coordinator or gardener to which the plot belongs to; may not plant trees or shrubs in any plots as it can make gardening very difficult for future gardeners.

3. Composting: Gardeners agree to compost or dispose of debris properly. Instructions for composting are posted on the toolshed bulletin board. Invasive weeds (see picture posted on top of the compost bins) should be disposed of in the green city compost trash can.

4. Organic Gardening: Gardeners agree to only use organic methods of gardening. For the protection of all gardeners, no chemical pesticides or other toxic garden amendments may be used.

5. Garden Use: Gardeners agree to actively use their plots on a regular basis, at least once a month. Gardeners are encouraged to use their plots year round. If gardeners choose to take a break during the rainy winter months, they must prepare their plots for the season by growing a cover crop or controlling weeds through sheet mulching. Gardeners who fail to actively garden during the winter or who fail to prepare their plot by the end of the year, will lose their plot. If gardeners become inactive they agree to contact the Garden Coordinator immediately to give gardening opportunities to people on the waiting list. If gardeners become inactive and do not notify the Coordinator, they will be contacted by the Coordinator at which time they will be asked whether or not they would like to continue to garden or give the opportunity to a person on the waiting list. If they do not take care of their plot within 30 days, it will be reassigned to someone on the waiting list.

6. Page Street Garden Dues: Gardeners agree to pay annual Page Street Garden dues upon the day of joining the garden and then annually each year thereafter that the gardener is active in the garden. The treasury will be used to pay for garden supplies and tools, and to cover expenses for special events.

7. Garden Gatherings and Workdays: Gardeners agree to attend at least one of the four annual gatherings. Regular gatherings are held to have fun together, to get to know one another, to discuss projects, concerns, and other garden business, and to work on community space together. Gardeners agree to check the garden bulletin board regularly, at least once a month, for posted meeting details and other announcements.

8. Communication with other gardeners and the Garden Coordinator: Communicating with other gardeners is encouraged. Gardeners who would like to share ideas and ask for gardening tips may post notes to the garden bulletin board or use the Page Street Garden and San Francisco gardeners email lists.

Responsibility: Upon application for garden plots, each gardener must agree to save, indemnify and hold harmless the landowner, his/her agents and employees, and the Lease holder, his/her agents and employees and all other garden organizers from all liability and claims for damages to his/herself, family, or to others caused by his/her negligence or the negligence of his/her family and friends arising from or connected with the use maintenance or operation of the community garden or activities held at the garden site.

Annual Page Street Garden Membership:
$12 Gardener
$25 Butterfly
$50 Sunshine
$100 Golden Trowel
Or your chosen contribution of $_______

Total Payment $_______________

I have read the above agreement and agree to abide by them as long as I continue to use
Page Street Community Garden.